Catering Rome, Italy with Exclusivevent

Have you ever been invited to a party, wedding or event where everything seemed to be perfect? The right environment, the right music, the right people. Then you walk over to the buffet and the charm vanishes at first bite.

But if you choose Exclusivevent to cater your wedding or any other event in Rome, your guests will be given an experience to sate all their senses from sight to taste. We set out a delicious banquet for you, we find the locale of your dreams, and create arrangements with a unique style.

Famous names and prominent personalities have entrusted us with their affairs. But every customer is equally important to us: our catering, research and site preparation are always exclusive, striking, and above all tailored to you alone, to your requests, your desires, and your personality.

Events catered by Exclusivevent are unforgettable and inimitable experiences that will be ingrained in your senses forever.

Your catering service in Rome: beauty, details, customization.

If you would like to arrange a private or corporate event, you will find the right people at Exclusivevent.

We have an eye for beauty, and we know how to help you create the exact atmosphere you need for your marriage, your party, or your meeting.

We lavish attention on the details, and they get noticed.

We have a passion for personalizing every event. From the catering to the locale, and setting the stage, everything will express your essence, and communicate your message effectively.

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Banquets are displays of design and taste

You can see and feel when Exclusivevent is doing the catering, because we are really and truly banquet designers. We will amaze you with:

original and tasteful arrangements that have never been seen before

 dishes created by chef-artists, working on savor and presentation, and have the right menu for each type of event;

delicious and authentic flavors, because we use only top quality in the Exclusivevent kitchen, on a short supply chain.

With Exclusivevent your guests’ eyes and palates will delight in a whole new way.

Astonishing locales and villas in Rome

Your guests’ faces will light up in wonder when they step into the locale we will choose together. Because the places we will bring you are special places, encircled by the most beautiful city in the world, Rome, or situated on the seashore, or surrounded by bucolic countryside.

You don’t have to choose between:

prestigious hotels

panoramic roof gardens

terraces with views of the best the Eternal City can offer

the most famous Roman villas

luxury restaurants

ancient castles and estates

period palaces

artistic places

original spaces.

Yes, we know that choosing is difficult, but we will help you decide what is best. Contact us to hear about all the locales in Rome that we can offer for wonderful events.

Events that sparkle with spectacle

We know how much effort is needed to organize a wedding, a corporate event, a celebration. But for us, the beauty is just that: as you close the curtain on one event, we are already poised to create another, with you, the client, in the spotlight.

We have thousands of ideas we hope to bring to life for you with our catering services, locale selection and site preparation:

dream weddings: we will make your special day truly unique.

branded corporate events : we will impeccably arrange your meetings, presentations, workshops;

parties and celebrations of all kinds: you can count on us for receptions, anniversaries, cocktail parties.

With Exclusivevent, your events are statements of taste and style.

Come visit us in our showroom in Rome: we will show you a delightful “trailer” of your wedding or corporate event in Rome, under the direction of Exclusivevent.


Catering in Rome. A whole different flavor with Exclusivevent

The appetite comes with eating, they say, but if the catering is by Exclusivevent, the appetite will come just by looking. The feasts we prepare for you will have the taste and form that you desire: every dish is a work of savor and design, cooked to perfection and calculated to seduce.

We learned proper traditional principles, but we happily switched techniques to a cuisine of original, innovative and extraordinary flavors. Now, Exclusivevent offers a Roman catering service with a taste so different you will even want to call your mother-in-law to lunch, with her discriminating palate and sharp tongue.

Our catering secrets are ours alone, magic, but one eminent invitee never fails to show up at our events: good taste. In choosing the locale for the banquet setting and attending to the smallest details, our organization is managed impeccably in every respect.

We organize catering in Rome (and throughout Italy), customizing everything to different needs, tastes and budgets. Because we like to create dreams. For everyone.

A catering service which caters to you

All the professionals who work and collaborate at Exclusivevent passionately embrace that unique ideal. The locale, arrangements, and dishes of our Roman catering service will provide you and your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Special locales for black-tie catering

Restaurants, hotels, villas, palaces, museums. We cater your weddings and events in the most popular and desirable edifices the Eternal City can offer. Welcoming rooms, manicured properties, breathtaking views, places distinguished by art, architecture and design.

One of our most exclusive event sites in Rome is the Boscolo Exedra Roof Garden, a luxurious and refined gem in a glorious setting on the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of the capital. And we cannot fail to mention our catering in the shadow of the Ara Pacis (“Altar of Augustan Peace”) or Mercati Traianei (“Trajan’s Market”).

Creative arrangements

Behind every event there is meticulous direction, fashioning a veritable arthouse scenography around the catering. Originality is the undisputed name of the game. An originality of class, where shapes and colors come together in harmony. Chicness and creativity: this is the formula that we offer, whether you go for classic or another more particular style, such as shabby chic or minimalist.

Delicious meals

Mix savor, novelty and authenticity and you will have the trio of notes that resonate throughout our menu. Exclusivevent chefs play a symphony for the eyes and mouth. All the dishes are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients from strictly local sources. Our presentation is always a celebration of style, because you don’t just want a meal to taste delicious – you want it to look delicious, too.

From finger foods to food styling, our caterers have a taste for good… and beautiful … things

The crème de la crème catering organization

For your event or wedding in Rome, Exclusivevent is the best you can get, a team of professionals ready to fulfill your every wish, respond to your needs, exceed your expectations.

We will be at your side from the birth of your dream, offering ideas and effective solutions. We will select for you a shortlist of possible locations and together we will study the menu and preparations. You can also request a realistic rendering to preview the planned arrangements. And the day of the event, you won’t have to do anything but live it. We will take care of everything else.

Come visit us in our showroom. We want to tempt you with the flavor of innovative catering.


Signed Exclusivevent events

Exclusivevent has successfully catered high-profile events such as the reception for the artist Mimmo Palladino with musician Brian Eno at Meier’s Ara Pacis Museum, Royal Weddings for the likes of Emmanuel of Savoy and events for clients such as the Dalai lama, Queen Rania of Jordan, Amnesty International, Fiat Holding Company, Ferragamo and many more.

Here are some of the exclusive events we have catered, and in some cases also provided set-up and siting arrangements: